Build the future of digital
and virtual worlds

Niftys-protocol unlocks the full potential of metaverse experiences, bringing the winning combination of NFT and VR technologies to real-world use cases.

Niftys-protocol in short

Niftys-protocol is an NFT ecosystem. We offer a cost-effective and easy-to-use Marketplace, powered by a combination of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology and outstanding Niftys-protocol VR capabilities.

The Niftys-protocol framework will accelerate the adoption of VR technology to develop virtual worlds and sustain the digital transformation of business use cases.

The NIF Token

NIF is the native token to the Niftys-protocol. As a proof-of-stake blockchain, Niftys-protocol relies on NIF reward the validators that participate in the PoS consensus mechanism to secure and uphold the network.

Niftys-protocol users also rely on NIF to pay network fees for on-chain actions. NIF tokens will only be available through IDO for the public token sale. Once the NIF lockup period ends, we anticipate the token will be available through other platforms in accordance with jurisdictional compliance.

Gallery VR

Niftys-protocol is developing a unique way to experience NFTs. Magnify your NFTs in our full, 3D virtual reality experience. With or without a VR headset, Niftys-protocol supports multi-platforms. You’ll feel right at home in Niftys-protocol Galleries.

Imagine your own virtual gallery. Set the 3D room as you wish. Put your NFTs on the walls. Play your NFT songs and invite your friends to join you in the gallery.

Our advanced Multiplayers Mode is coming in Q4 2021. It will unlock plenty of opportunities for :

  • The gaming industry
  • The digital art scene
  • Live concert streams...

What's our focus?

Event ticketing

Event organizers can use the Kalao Marketplace to issue and sell tickets for concerts, sports events, seminars, and other events.

On top of using the Marketplace to trade tickets, Artists can also use Kalao Gallery or World to live stream virtually ! Increase your audience by broadcasting these events in a dedicated virtual environment created on purpose.

Luxury goods digital commerce

Use Kalao tech to display and sell luxury goods. VR and avatarization will take you to the next eCommerce level. You’ll be able to try luxury goods directly on your avatar before purchasing them.

Once purchased, bring your NFT luxury goods with you everywhere in Kalao metaverse Worlds !

Art exhibits

Artists can personalize their unique Kalao Gallery as they wish, create an event (public or private), and showcase all their artwork.

No need to be a blockchain expert. No need to be a VR tech expert. Simplicity and frictionless experience are the key points of the Kalao value proposition !

Why Niftys-protocol

Jump into Niftys-protocol "The Citadel" to enjoy full metaverse experiences. Buy lands, rent them. Promote your business in slots you own. Live stream a concert in rooms that you own or rent, and invite people to join you with a flute of champaign.

A reliable and fast Marketplace

The Niftys-protocol Marketplace infrastructure empowers users to create, purchase, sell, and collect NFTs. Built on Avalanche blockchain, Niftys-protocol leverages speed, low network fees, and security to deliver seamless experiences.

Virtually yours

Jump into a full metaverse experience. Buy and get a piece of Niftys-protocol’s virtual worlds. Retrieve and showcase your NFT collections in your personalized 3D gallery. Fully integrated with the Niftys-protocol Marketplace !

Bridge with real-world use cases

The potential application of our Niftys-protocol NFT ecosystem is unlimited. You can exhibit your artwork, sell luxury goods, use the event ticketing framework, and broadcast live in a unique virtual environment with Multiplayer participation.



Q1, 2022

Project establishment

Team Expansion.

First Set of Validators Onboarded

SDK Release v1.0

Partnership with BitMex established

Q2, 2022

Project development

SDK Open-sourced.

Team expansion to 20+ Members

Comdex Incentivised Testnet Launch

Q3, 2022

Project development

Launch of Persistence's Staking Platform.

Token Contract Audit

Wallet and Block Explorer Integrations

Additional SDK Modules Development

Launch NIF on Exchanges

Q4, 2022

Project development

Niftys Wallet Testnet.

Validator Set Expansion

Core-2 Testnet Launch

SDK release v2.0

Release game V1 on Browser

Our Team

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David Martin

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Genaro Nadel

Software Engineer
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R. Hawley

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Pedro Carrera

Graphic Designer
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Reena Scot

VP of Engineering
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Lynnette Wilkes

Fullstack Developer
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Paul Smith

Bussiness Development
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Slans Alons

UX/UI Designer

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